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The following PDFs are now available for download...

Jordan Dane Press Kit  

Jordan Dane Booklist, 2012

Press Release: Echo of Violence, 2010

Press Release: The Wrong Side of Dead, 2009

Press Release: Evil Without A Face, 2009

Press Release: No One Heard Her Scream, 2008

Press Release: Debut Author Awarded Best Book of 2008 by Publishers Weekly

The following photo, graphic, and book covers are available for download...

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jordan dane      Front Row to Suspense
Photo credit: Kim Haynes Photography

Mr. January   Hot Target   Tough Target

Hot Target   In the Eyes of the Dead   Redemption for Avery

One Author's Aha Moment   Blood Score   The Last Victim

Reckoning for the Dead     Sex, Death, and Moist Towelettes   Dark Kiss

Evil Without a Face     The Wrong Side of Dead     The Echo of Violence

No One Heard Her Scream     No One Left to Tell     No One Lives Forever