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Mr. January
Mercer's War Series—Book 1
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Mr. January
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Zoey Meager stares into an inferno as she struggles against two firefighters while an abandoned warehouse is gutted by a raging fire. She is desperately afraid her best friend Kaity is trapped inside, held hostage by a merciless gang of human traffickers. Denver SWAT has blocked anyone from getting near the blaze—but the police don't know Zoey.

She ignores the danger and races inside a firestorm, but she's not alone. A mysterious man dressed in black is wounded. When he tries to escape her and the police, Zoey grapples him to the ground, convinced he knows where Kaity is. In Zoey's oxygen deprived brain, she's sure he'll kill her, but she won't give up. The man is her only connection to a friend closer than a sister.

After the fire, Detective Estefan Cruz finds the bodies of three young women, bound and gagged in a locked storeroom. The blaze had been deliberately set to kill the witnesses. An unconscious Zoey Meager is found outside the charred building—a woman with more secrets and courage than sense—but the detective is suspicious. Is Zoey the only witness or did she have something to do with the horrific deaths? After she disappears, Detective Cruz is sure she's hiding something.

Distrusted by the police and tailed by a sinister white van, Zoey is forced to hunt her mystery man alone—a dangerous stranger with a large black dog, completely devoted to its shadowy master.

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Praise for Mr. January

"Mr. January grabs your attention from the first word to the last. Dane has drawn her characters with a vivid pencil, making them come alive on the pages so they are easy to visualize and feel their emotions. You cheer for Mercer and Zoey because they quickly become a part of you. And you applaud their courage as she seeks the answer to her friend's disappearance and he moves forward with grim dedication to catching and taking down the criminals in an inhuman business. I can't tell you more because it will spoil the book but I will say this: I challenge you not to fall in love with Karl, the dog. Get this book."
   —Desiree Holt, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Mr. January starts at a breakneck pace and only speeds up from there. An overarching theme in this story is that of worthiness and redemption. Both the male and female lead carry emotional baggage that breaks the reader's heart. Watching their journey unfold is emotional and gut-wrenching, complicated even more by the supporting cast we meet later in the book (who is every bit as fascinating and multi-faceted as the leads) with secrets of their own. Ms. Dane gives each character a distinctive voice and personality, and they become people you want to read more and more of.

The pace was fast and the resolution was extremely rewarding. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this work, and I look forward to reading more from this series."
   —Writester, Amazon reviewer

"Dane's novels are twenty-first-century noir with guts, heart, and a wicked sense of humor."
   —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times Bestseller

"Dane's smooth style, believable characters, and intense pacing will remind readers of Lisa Gardner, Lisa Jackson, and Tami Hoag."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Dane brings surprising grit and hard-boiled heft to her books. She's as cozy as a set of brass knuckles."
   —Kevin Burton Smith, The Thrilling Detective Website Founder& Editor